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Planning a Backyard Fire Pit in Monmouth County, NJ

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center of Monmouth County Shares Advice If You're Thinking of a Backyard Fire Pit

At many homes in Monmouth County, fire pits are a popular feature in outdoor living spaces and come in many sizes, styles, and materials. There are also different levels of prices for backyard fire pits and options for either wood-burning or gas models. Homeowners can choose to install a permanent fire pit to fit their hardscaping design or purchase a portable fire pit. There are also decisions to be made as far as seating, lighting, and safe placement.

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center shares this article from Allstate with things to consider about buying a backyard fire pit: To read more, click here: Planning a Backyard Fire Pit

Spring is a great time of year to start enjoying your outdoor living space with family and friends. The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center of Monmouth County, NJ offers a great selection of high-quality fire pits and fire bowls. Contact us today at 732-531-1900 or visit us online.


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