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Fireplace Design

It’s not too early to consider your fireplace design this summer-- yes, this summer.

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center in Monmouth County offers a variety of trending fireplace designs

It’s likely you are going to want your fireplace design to match the look and feel of the rest of your home. The various looks described will help guide you so your fireplace is a perfect match (no pun intended). Consider the size and dimensions for your new log burner. Does it allow for extra space for you to store extra wood? Are you able to use the fireplace as a wall to divide to distinguish two rooms? Are you enhancing a cozy kitchen or is the placement going to be in a sleek minimalist location? Maybe your unused fireplace can be utilized to store wood or covered to create a chalkboard for your kids homework hangout. You could use it as an extension of your entertainment center or maybe you are going for a sparkly gold finish? Or maybe giving it a contemporary spin? Perhaps you want to achieve the long rectangular look? Or you might be thinking of replicating the feel of an at home spa-- calm and luxurious. Whichever look you are trying to achieve, it’s safe to say the staff at The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center will help guide you towards the perfect look which will transform your house into a home.

Subtle and Chic

In a modern glass home overlooking the sea, you don't want a fireplace to obstruct the picturesque view. This minimal, white fireplace adds a cozy touch to the serenity.

Material Warmth

If you're designing a wood-burning fireplace, consider carving out a space for the firewood. This fireplace stands out as the star of the room — its materials and colors contrast with the wood-paneled ceiling and walls behind for a contemporary, rustic aesthetic.

Hearth Design That Rocks

This backlit onyx fireplace showcases the rich colors of the stone. The fireplace serves as a bridge between the master bedroom and bathroom.

Cozy Kitchen Charm

A wood-burning fireplace designed for cooking adds Mediterranean charm to this eat-in kitchen. It's easy to create an intimate mood for a dinner party with a communal farmhouse table and flickering flames.

Fireside Splendor

The sleek hearth warms up the cool gray backdrop in this minimalist living room. A floor-to-ceiling design adds height to the space and the dark tile draws the eye upward.

Faux Bedroom Nook

An unused fireplace niche in the bedroom adds a sense of charm. Stock it with firewood, cut to fit neatly inside, for a graphic, modern design.

Built-In Drama

Wall-to-wall bookcases provide a sophisticated backdrop for this sleek, modern fireplace and entertainment center.

Chalk It Up

Transform a boarded-up fireplace into a family message board with a few coats of chalkboard paint. Try schoolhouse green paint and your fireplace won't look like a black hole.

Reaching New Heights

A fireplace offers a natural divide between the living area and the kitchen in this contemporary great room.

Gold Glamour

Nothing is as exciting as a fireplace in a sparkly gold finish. The plush furnishings make this a master suite fit for royalty.

Contemporary Spin

The sleek concrete fireplace creates structural interest in this youthful living room. Graphic art decals, a sleek sofa and the horizontal shape of the fireplace add to the modern vibe.

Calm and Luxurious

This monochromatic bathroom uses different shades and textures of gray for a soft, sophisticated design. A fireplace in the bathroom adds a sense of luxury and invites relaxation.

Striking Centerpiece

The space planning for this modern living room focuses seating around the dramatic fireplace. With its heat-resistant glass windows and suspension from the ceiling, this fireplace looks like a sculptural work of art.

Fiery Divide

This classic fireplace sits in the corner between the family room and kitchen. Its asymmetrical opening makes the space appear larger.

Turn Up the Heat

A long, rectangular design is a trending style for gas fireplaces. Extending this stone fireplace to the ceiling adds to its contemporary aesthetic.

Green Appeal

Even a nonworking fireplace adds character. Mix a group of plants and blooms together on your mantel for a lively, artful display.

Fire and Flat Screens

In this modern family room, the mantel is omitted to enhance the effect of the two-toned gray backdrop. Tall storage cabinets frame the hearth.

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