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Is This the Year to Hire a Chimney Sweep?

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center of Monmouth County shares insight on whether this year is the year to hire to hire a chimney sweeper

Well – whether we like it or not, the pumpkin- and cinnamon-spiced lattes are coming back into season no matter how desperately you don't want to admit summer is coming to an end. So if you didn't act on the last article we shared, you will want to act on this one because your safety could depend on it. Chimney sweeping is an intricate and can be high-tech job that is critical to the safety of your home. Uncleaned chimneys can leave a tar-like odor in your home, even when it is not burning, or the thick and oily residue deposited into a chimney by burning wood increases fire risks substantially.

Wood Stove & Fire Place center shares an article that talks about what happens in the chimney when you burn wood regularly and don't clean it, and the possible risks it can exposure you to. To read more, click here: Is This the Year to Hire a Chimney Sweep?

If you have questions or concerns about getting your fireplace cleaned to make sure it's safe to burn wood as the nights cool down, give us a call! The Wood & Stove Fireplace Center was first established and 1976 as a direct response to the 1st energy crisis. Now, we offer a wide variety of the highest qualities products and services throughout Monmouth County, with our service personnel and sales consultations both certified to industry standards. We can be reached at 732.531.1900 or fill out a contact form from our website. We hope to hear from you soon!

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