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Why is Pellet Stove Service So Important?

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center wants their Monmouth County customers to know the importance of professional pellet stove maintenance

If you are an owner of a pellet stove, you have chosen an excellent product that provides quality and low-cost heating. Pellet stoves are special stoves that burn small wood-like pellets, producing a steady fire for 24-36 hours between refueling. These devices are cheaper to install and burn cleaner than their traditional wood-burning heater counterparts. On top of savings from functional design and convenient-to-handle fuel, the pellet stove you’re investing is an environmentally-friendlier alternative.

Unfortunately, some pellet stove owners may not be aware that their prized possession requires consistent maintenance to operate at optimal heating. It’s simply not enough to burn through large amounts of pellet stove fuel. The amount of burning, quality of pellet fuel, and cleanliness all play a role in ensuring quality control.

Basic cleaning should usually be done two times a week and can be completed by pellet stove owners. The owner-completed cleaning will increase your device’s longevity, but a more thorough cleaning after every ton of pellets burned should be completed by a licensed professional. If you aren’t sure whether you’ve passed the ton benchmark, simply schedule an annual appointment to be on the safe side. After all, dirty stoves are not happy stoves!

Many customers usually ask “when’s the best time to check on my pellet stove?” We recommend requesting a cleaning service during the off-season in preparation for the coming season. During the cleaning process, simple diagnostics are implemented on the pellet stove to make sure each component is acting as operating up to par.

Another common question customers ask is “what does a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technician do that I can’t?” There is no doubt that consumers are more than capable at attending to the immediate needs of their pellet stove device. Here’s the difference. A pellet stove technician will meticulously go through an exhaustive method that examines clearances and connections that connect to the venting system. During the appointment, the appliance, heat exchangers, burn area, blowers, and hopper are all cleaned. High standards of excellence are important when taking the time to service your stove and we take that seriously. In fact, we guarantee that our technician’s customer support is as warm as your stove.

Pellet stove owners have a lot of benefits when it comes to using their energy and cost-efficient tool. Now is the opportunity to steer clear of any myths or misconceptions about servicing your pellet stove.

If you do not own a stove yet, don’t be afraid to ask us questions about pellet stove operation and tips for success. Choosing to enlist our professional services is a choice to make sound and reasonable decisions. Whether you are a current or soon-to-be owner, you have decided to make an investment that provides excellent, low-cost heating that will pay for itself in the years to come. Take advantage of our vast knowledge, skills, and quality customer-service today!

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