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The Ultimate Trick To Cleaning A BBQ

A clean BBQ has several benefits: better tasting meals, a more sanitary cooking environment, a longer lasting grill grate, and helping you to create those highly sought after grill marks. However what is the simplest and most efficient method to get your outdoor grill clean? The key is choosing the right grill brush and utilizing it in the most efficient way.

As summer approaches, barbecue owners around the nation will likely look forward to firing up their outdoor grills. Spending a warm evening in the yard with friends and family members and a grill full of delicious food is among life's simple pleasures. Keeping your BBQ tidy, however, is not so much fun. It makes sense, then, to make sure that you know the very best and quickest way to get your grill grate tidy so time can be spent capitalizing on the fine weather, as opposed to toiling over the BBQ. The method described below will work with a gas grill, charcoal grill, rotisserie grill or infrared grill.

BBQ Monmouth CountyThere are two points to consider when cleaning your barbecue: the appropriate cleaning tool and the appropriate cleaning approach. The appropriate tool would be an excellent quality, heavy duty wire grill brush. There are a plethora of brushes available, but if you know what you are looking for the choice narrows down substantially. Probably the most important thing is choosing one that won't cause any damage to your grill grate, especially if you have a pricey Weber or Char-Broil BBQ. It is usually thought that the best choice is a brass bristle grill brush, as brass is softer and as a result won't scratch your grates, and that stainless steel bristle grill brushes ought to be steered clear of. This is not necessarily true, however. While some stainless steel grill brushes could damage grates, especially the much more fragile porcelain coated grill grates, many won't. The advantage of stainless steel brushes is that they clean more efficiently and last much longer by virtue of their stiffer and more resilient bristles. Therefore, the most effective brush would be a stainless steel grill brush which damages neither porcelain enamel coated nor cast iron grill grates.

The next thing to consider when choosing a brush is the brush design. A lot of conventional brush heads consist of a wooden or plastic block, in to which a series of bristles are embedded, all pointing the exact same way. While a brush of this layout is good for cleaning the center of the grate, it will be unable to effectively clean the edges and corners of the grate. A far superior design is one consisting of a twisted wire frame, from which bristles protrude in every direction. This allows the user to hold the brush at any angle without losing contact between the bristles and the grate. This, consequently, means that the user is quickly able to clean all parts of the grate.

Finally, you need to look for a brush with a rigid, lengthy handle. This permits you to clean the grill when it is warm, without needing to worry that you could burn your arms. The optimal length is 17 to 18 inches, unless you have an extremely large BBQ. In that case an even longer handled brush may be preferable. Keep in mind that the longer the handle, the less force will be applied through the brush and on to the grate.

Now you have decided on an appropriate brush, you will want to ensure that you utilize it in the most effective way. Two things will make your grill cleaning experience a lot easier: water and heat. A hot grill is much easier to clean compared to a cold one, so prior to cleaning allow the grate to get nice and hot. The other crucial component is water, not on the grate, but on the brush. Fill a vessel with water and keep it by the grill. Once the grill is warm, soak the brush in the water to get the bristles wet and start cleaning. The combination of water, heat and an excellent brush will make even the most persistent charred on food come off in seconds.

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