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Gas Fireplace Services & Repairs in Monmouth County

NFI Gas Fireplace Services service repair Repairs Monmouth County njDoes my gas fireplace, gas stove or gas log need service? YES! Every major gas stove & fireplace manufacturer recommends an ANNUAL inspection and cleaning. Dust, dirt, carbon and spiders can clog up the orifices and burner ports of your gas unit causing it to burn inefficiently or not at all. Is there a black or white powdery substance on the logs or glass? With many types of gas fireplaces, log placement is extremely important. Sometimes carbon and soot can build up and insulate the unit preventing it from reaching maximum temperature. This all calculates to money loss every time your unit is used.

Is your gas fireplace broken? We can fix it! Our certified fireplace technicians provide gas fireplace services and repairs in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas. Loose or dirty wires or improperly spliced connections also affect the operation of the appliance. Gaskets wear out and can allow poisonous carbon monoxide enters your home so an annual inspection & cleaning of your gas fireplace is recommended to prevent these problems. The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center has numerous certified gas technicians on hand to take care of your gas appliance concerns. Contact us today to service and inspect your gas fireplace, stove or insert at 732-531-1900

Our Premium Gas Appliance Services Include:

  • Full diagnostic check
  • Gas leak check
  • CO Gasket seal test
  • Pilot assembly & hood cleaning
  • Thermocouple test
  • Thermopile and millivolt test
  • Vent and ignition check
  • Valve cavity inspection/cleaning
  • Heat exchager inspection/cleaning
  • Burner inspection/cleaning
  • Replenish glowing embers, sand & vermiculite (when applicable)

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