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Harman Fireplace Inserts in Monmouth County

In 1978, due to high electric costs, Dane Harman used his welding skills to create his first wood stove. Almost 40 years later, Harman has created and patented multiple stoves and fireplace inserts, and received several Vesta awards. In 1980, Dane created the phrase "Built to a Standard, Not a Price", and has never wavered from his word. Their products were built to withstand the test of time, for reliable warmth that wouldn't fade over time, and an elegant aesthetic that wouldn't diminish with age. Each product created by Harman is made for optimal performance and excellent engineering. Their components are American made, which enables them to build their products with unparalleled quality, and pride themselves on their designs that never go out of style.

Harman is a true heating powerhouse, made apparent by their attempts to push the boundaries, and reduce the amount of maintenance needed. Today Harman has a wide variety of products, from wood stoves to fireplace inserts. They continue to focus on their development of revolutionary heating solutions for today and beyond.

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