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Hearthstone Fireplace Inserts in Monmouth County

For over 35 years, Hearthstone's dedicated craftsmen have been committed to building quality stoves. Located in Vermont, their handcrafted stoves are created to meet the highest standards using the most advanced heating technology, as well as the finest materials. To show their dedication and passion, every single Hearthstone soapstove is signed by the stove builder themselves!

Soapstone is a natural forming material that absorbs the heat of the fire, and then radiates an amiable heat into the room. In other words, your home will remain at a comfortable temperature, without becoming too hot! The heat emitted from a soapstone stove is gentle, comfortable, and distributes evenly. It's even possible to sit close to the stove without feeling the overwhelming heat from a steel stove. Once heated, soapstone stoves remain warm for hours, making them the perfect stoves for overnight heating, or during a long period of time where you would otherwise be unable to tend the fire, which also makes restarting the stove quick and easy.

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