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Pellet Service Cleaning

As a general rule, all pellet stoves, inserts and appliances require a thorough cleaning/service of the entire appliance annually or after every ton of fuel burned. NFIOur FACTORY TRAINED service Technicians are ready to perform annual service work on your Quadra-fire, Heailator eco-choice or Harman Pellet appliance. If you are handy, some steps can be done by carefully following the instructions in your owner's manual. NOTE If you are burning a low grade quality pellet, cleaning will be needed more frequent. Dirty stoves are not happy stoves. Nearly every problem that affects a stove's efficiency or performance is caused by a lack of air. Call us today to set up your service, cleaning or repair.

Our Pellet Stove / Insert Service Includes:

  • 19-point diagnostic check
  • Vacuum pump /seal-leak testing
  • Combustion fan housing cleaning
  • Baffle removal / cleaning
  • Heat exchanger Cleaning
  • Thermocouple test
  • Ignition test

**Full Service / Cleaning does NOT include a Vent pipe / Chimney cleaning. Chimney cleaning is also available for an additional charge. Inquire for additional info Ongoing Maintenance Over the course of the heating season, ongoing maintenance is a must to keep your stove functioning properly. This includes cleaning ash out of the firebox and ash pan, scraping of the burn pot, raking heat exchanger tubes and keeping vital components free of ash, like the airwash system and venting. Each unit/brand is different so be sure to consult your owner's manual for specific instructions.

We also repair or replace the following parts if necessary

Auger motors, Ignitors, Burn Pots , Auto clean assembly, Hopper switches, High limit switch , snap discs, Blowers , fans, Modules , computer boards, Wiring harnesses, Gaskets, seals, Thermocouples, Flame sensors, ESP probes, Thermostats

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