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3 Fire Pit Party Ideas – Simple Outdoor Living

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center of Monmouth County Provides 3 Fire Pit Party Ideas

Entertaining your company in the comfort of your own yard has never been easier and planning your outdoor get-togethers around a fire pit is equal parts fun and rewarding. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of enjoyable activities to try out with friends. So prepare your patio furniture, string up some lights, and get ready to make memories.
1. Fire Pit Game Night
Encourage some healthy competition among friends with an entertaining game night. Keep things simple by sticking with easy group activities like charades or the name game, test your guests’ knowledge with a trivia night theme, sharpen your communication skills with Slip of the Tongue, or even cater to an adult crowd with Cards Against Humanity. Add to the fun, encourage participation, and raise the stakes by offering prizes.

What You Will Need

  • - Game Selections
  • - Chalkboard/Whiteboard
  • - Prizes
  • - Snacks/Refreshments

Keep the competitive spirit alive by using a whiteboard or chalkboard to keep score. Provide your guests with a variety of games and prizes to choose from. If shopping for prizes proves to be a hassle, feel free to ask your guests to arrive with an item of their choice to donate. A few good suggestions include bottles of wine, gift cards, candles, books, etc.

Of course, no good party is complete without snacks and refreshments! Whether you choose a potluck-style spread or to whip up some of your own favorite recipes, be sure to include a self-serve appetizer bar and a well-stocked cooler.
2. Fire Pit Wine Tasting Party
Bring the elegance of a fine dining experience to your own backyard by hosting a wine tasting party.  Your friends are sure to be impressed by the opportunity to sample a plethora of wine selections and discuss their observations with others. Add a touch of class to your fire pit party with just a bit of planning and shopping, and unlike a dinner party, this event requires very little preparation and cleanup allowing you more time to converse and enjoy your company.

What You Will Need
The Essentials

  • - Identical Wine Glasses
  • - Water Pitcher/Glasses
  • - Corkscrew
  • - 4-6 Wine Selections
  • - Napkins
  • - Spittoons
  • - Wine Information Printout

The Extras            

  • - Cheese
  • - Fresh Fruit
  • - Bread

Before your guests arrive, we recommend setting each place at your table with the following: a napkin, glasses for each wine, a glass of water, a personal spittoon, and a printout with information about each bottle of wine you have selected. Be sure to limit your choices to 4-6 selections so as not to overwhelm the palate. If you wish, you may select a theme such as wines from a specific region or vineyard.

Once your company has settled in, lead them through the tasting starting with white wine and ending with red.  You may choose to provide your guests with a notepad and pen to record their observations or simply encourage a group discussion.
3. Fire Pit Ghost Story Party
Add some spooky vibes to your fire pit party by planning a ghost story night. Fall is the perfect time to organize a Halloween style celebration by gathering around the warmth of a fire and swapping classic horror tales and personal favorites. Ghost story parties are hassle-free and easy to plan, and they provide hours of freaky fun for the whole family.

What You Will Need

  • - Ghost Stories
  • - Chilling Music
  • - Spooky Decorations

Sure, you don’t necessarily need to decorate for your ghost story party, but where’s the fun in that? Break out those Halloween decorations, tack up some fake spider webs, and add to the bone-chilling atmosphere with dry ice. Play a spooky soundtrack on a phone or small speaker to enhance the entire experience. Take turns reciting memorized tales or terror, or find some inspiration by reading from a collection of short stories.

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