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Caring For Your Fireplace and Chimney

As temperatures outside begin to drop, fireplaces and woodstoves inside will soon be heating up for the season. Before lighting that cozy fire, however, there are a few important steps you must take first to ensure safety, comfort...

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If you're planning on jumping out of a plane to skydive, you would want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment for your trip down. If not, well… we know how that might end...

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Well – whether we like it or not, the pumpkin- and cinnamon-spiced lattes are coming back into season no matter how desperately you don't want to admit summer is coming to an end. So if you didn't act on the last article we shared, ...

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Waiting until the pumpkin lattes and cinnamon-spiced come back in season before looking into a fireplace? Well here's some advice… DON'T! Bringing summer to your fireplace by putting together a new look, or making your fireplace the focal point of your family area isn't as complicated as you might think...

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As the summer sun goes down, the fire pits light up – a growing commonplace of the American backyard. This always creates a diverse and fun atmosphere ranging from the little ones roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories to enjoying an outdoor...

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One of the major benefits of having an outdoor living space is having the ability to spend time relaxing outdoors. Patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, and other furnishings add to the ambiance of your patio or backyard and allow you to enjoy good weather, fine food, and the company of friends. One other aspect of outdoor living is your fire pit; among its many benefits, it provides a gathering place, serves as a decoration, and allows you to cook outdoors in a rustic campfire-style setting.

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When you choose Fire Magic you are purchasing the finest grill available, backed by the industry's best and longest warranty – and the most dedicated, customer focused people in the business. Our grills are an investment that pays dividends for years and years. They're engineered and built to perform for a lifetime. So the pride and joy of owning your Fire Magic Grill will last you a lifetime.

Read More Tips to Use Your Fire Pit With Safety in Mind

Fire pits add drama and beauty to your outdoor space. But fire is fire, and to fully enjoy your fire pit, safety should always be a top consideration.

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A fireplace is a classic amenity that has been desired and incorporated into home designs since the 1600s. Trends may come and go, designs change, but one thing is for sure, fireplaces aren't going anywhere. Fireplaces were once more utilitarian and were often confined to only the living room. Thanks to today's advances in electric and gas fireplace options, installation isn't as...

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Most people aren't aware of the basics of their chimney and there are many scammers out there that take advantage of that. Knowing how these scammers work is integral but you should also have a 101 on the chimney along with knowing what legitimate chimney sweep looks like.

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Congratulations on your new home. It has everything you ever hoped for, including a gas fireplace. If you've never owned one before, you must be wondering about it. Just remember these tips after you move in.

Read More 3 Myths About Mounting TVs Over Fireplaces

Neck strain, reduction in image quality, and heat problems are common objections integrators face from clients about mounting a TV over a fireplace. They are not true!

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With Christmas just around the corner, the countdown is on to get your home looking and feeling ready for the holidays. While a tree trimmed in tinsel and garland is a beautiful way to display holiday style, thinking beyond the branches is a great way to spread decorative cheer throughout your home.

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A fireplace can add some real value to a home. They look great and people love the feel of a nice fire on a cold day. The traditional wood-burning fireplace can be a good option, but there are several drawbacks that can make them less attractive. As an alternative, many homeowners will like the idea of buying a gas fireplace. They come with many of the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace, but they also have a variety of advantages that can make them a better option.

Read More Why Home Buyers (and Sellers) Love Fireplaces

Real estate agents often talk about "curb appeal" in describing a house that's likely to sell. But that phrase should be updated to include "fireplace appeal," too. Today's home buyers are increasingly likely to include fireplaces–outdoor, indoor or both–on their "wish list" of home features. And having the home features potential buyers are seeking helps sellers move their property more quickly, and at a price they desire.

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Why own a gas fireplace? You've heard all the usual reasons—they're cozy; they're beautiful; they're efficient—but there's more to the modern fireplace than warmth and charm. Today, you can install a fireplace that's smart, efficient, stylish, and fully customizable. Here are five surprising benefits of having a fireplace.

Read More Why Choose Valor Fireplaces?

Since 1890 Valor Fireplaces has been pioneering and perfecting radiant heat technology and gas fireplaces. From contemporary to traditional, brushed nickel or powder-coated bronze and black paints, Valor offer distinctive designs to enhance any décor and design. But our fireplaces provide more than just a good-looking flame in a frame. They also deliver cost efficient, reliable heat that you and your family will love and appreciate.

Read More Why is Pellet Stove Service So Important?

If you are an owner of a pellet stove, you have chosen an excellent product that provides quality and low-cost heating. Pellet stoves are special stoves that burn small wood-like pellets, producing a steady fire for 24-36 hours between refueling. These devices are cheaper to install and burn cleaner than their traditional wood-burning heater counterparts. On top of savings from functional design and convenient-to-handle fuel, the pellet stove you're investing is an environmentally-friendlier alternative.

Read More Tips for Maintaining A Wood Burning Fireplace

Remove ash from the firebox either via the ash dump or straight from the firebox once the fire is completely out and the ashes are cold. The ash can be sprinkled on flower beds as a good source of plant nutrients. Sweeping the chimney and performing an annual inspection is the most important part of maintaining your fireplace and chimney...

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In an ultra-crowded market of outdoor grills, it is easy for consumers to have the mindset of: "Meh, they're all basically the same" and end-up with a poor-performing grill. Certainly, there are some consumer brands that build a better product than others but on the upper-end of the grills out there, we have American Outdoor Grill. They're likely the best brand you've never heard of because...

Read More 3 Fire Pit Party Ideas – Simple Outdoor Living

Entertaining your company in the comfort of your own yard has never been easier and planning your outdoor get-togethers around a fire pit is equal parts fun and rewarding. To get you started, we've put together a list of enjoyable activities to try out with friends. So prepare your patio furniture, string up some lights, and get ready to make memories.

Read More What Are the Rules of Cooking Over a Fire Pit?

There's no denying that there's something satisfyingly primal about the idea of cooking over an open fire pit. It makes feels like you could totally hold your own as an extreme camper or on a season of Survivor. Of course, you can cook over an open flame even if you're not living in the wild or competing for a cash prize.

Read More 5 Reasons You Should Never Clean Your Own Chimney

Home maintenance is never easy, and in some cases, it can be quite costly. Fortunately, there are some things homeowners can do themselves, such as tending to their landscaping and even painting their home’s exterior. Chimney cleaning is not a DIY job, though, and there are several good reasons for this. Here are five reasons why you should never clean your own chimney.

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Many people have discovered the benefits of pellet stoves. Perhaps you’re considering the myriad of reasons? Let us simplify it. One of the most prominent reasons people install pellet stoves is to reduce heating costs – especially in homes with central heat sources fueled by propane, fuel oil or electricity. You can calculate your approximate savings using this pellet fuel savings calculator. And there are other benefits as well...

Read More Monmouth County Wood Stove Tips: How to Start a Fire

While we are all looking forward to spring, we still have some chilly weather ahead of us here in Monmouth County. The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center has some useful tips on starting a fire in a wood stove to warm up your home during these last months of winter.

Read More Aging In Place With An Updated Fireplace

Today's seniors want to age safely at home. Staying in our homes is becoming a top priority as we age. According to an AARP study, 90 percent of Baby Boomers hope or plan to stay in their homes instead of moving to senior residences, nursing homes, or assisted living. Here are some handy tips to make that transition successful.

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Novus by Heatilator is the most sold gas fireplace in the industry. In fact, thousands of owners have a Novus installed in their homes each year...

Read More Wood, Pellet Or Gas? How To Determine Which Stove Is Best For Your Needs

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center Of Monmouth County Provides Its Customers Tips When Choosing Between A Wood, Pellet Or Gas Stove

Read More Preparing Your Fireplace For The Season

Whether you have a wood-burning or gas fireplace, it is important to properly prepare it for the fall and winter seasons to ensure both the fireplace's functionality and your safety. Accidents involving fireplaces can be a major cause of home fires, but most of these fires can be prevented.

Read More Backyard Fire Pits

Don’t get burnt with the wrong fire pit for your family. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and materials, but your choices should be based on your space and budget. New to the ’hood? Be sure to check out your local ordinances to prevent any unnecessary visits from law officials. The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center encourages its customers to take the right precautions prior to lighting the flame!

Read More Fireplace Designs for Summer

It’s likely you are going to want your fireplace design to match the look and feel of the rest of your home. The various looks described will help guide you so your fireplace is a perfect match (no pun intended). Consider the size and dimensions for your new log burner.

Read More Frequently Asked Questions About Wood-Burning Appliances and Wood Smoke

Learn all about the selection, installation and replacement of wood burning appliances: stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, fuel options and accessories. View the most frequently asked questions and answers from the experts so you can make an educated and informed choice.

Read More Hottest Outdoor Trends

As more homeowners seek to bring the indoors to the outdoors, fireplaces and fire pits are becoming an even hotter commodity — literally and figuratively. Fire pits are one of the biggest trends in 2017 for homeowners wanting to upgrade their outdoor living spaces. Fire features such as fireplaces and fire pits not only add ambiance to an outdoor space but also provide heat and light, allowing you to use your deck later into the evening and into the year.

Read More Electrical Fireplace Advantage

What image do you think of when someone says "electric fireplace"? The cheesy one with fake-looking flames your grandma had next to the rocking chair in her living room? Think again! Electric fireplaces have come a long way since those days.

Read More Know All About Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces and other hearth products are beautiful, functional additions to any home, but they can pose a risk when not used and attended to with proper vigilance. Learn more about the importance of fireplace safety and the steps you can take to ensure safe fireplace operation in your home.

Read More Using Your Fireplace During A Power Outage

Few things can make you appreciate the convenience of modern living like losing power. With the severe winter weather expected to hit much of the East coast this week, losing power – and subsequently, heat -- may be a very real concern.

Read More Science Settles The Charcoal Vs. Gas Grilling Debate

WINTER IS FINALLY beginning to thaw into spring in some parts of the country, which means it will soon be time to start grilling outside. And this brings back the age-old argument over which type of grill is best to cook your steaks, hamburgers, chicken, salmon or eggplant: charcoal or gas.

Read More No Fireplace Add One To Your Home

So you may not be lighting up a roaring fire anytime soon, but that doesn't mean you have to ignore your fireplace until fall. As the heat draws you indoors for the summer,

Read More High-Efficiency Fireplace for Your Home

The classic fireplace, with a blazing fire open to the room, is a traditional symbol of comfort and security. Many people include a fireplace among their "must have" features when planning for their dream home. On a more practical level, an open fireplace is notoriously inefficient as a means of heating a room. Its appetite for air, to keep smoke from the fire going up the chimney instead of out into the room, is what causes the inefficiency.

Read More Choosing Wood Burning Appliances

When choosing your wood burning appliance, consider efficiency, emissions, and the size of the space you'll be heating. The cleanest wood-burning appliances are marked with EPA-certified and EPA-qualified labels. Your local hearth retailer can help you make the best choice and provide you with options to suit your needs and budget.

Read More Natural Gas vs. Wood Burning Fireplaces: Pros and Cons

One of the nicest places to be during the winter is in front of a fireplace. Looking into the crackling flames is an age-old human ritual that comforts and soothes children and adults alike. But ask homeowners whether they prefer natural gas or wood burning fireplaces and you'll soon find a wide gulf arrayed along the divided ideas of look-and-feel, cost, maintenance, convenience, and environmental responsibility.

Read More Fuel Options

Today gas-burning hearth products are the most popular hearth category. Thanks to significant product innovations almost 70% of all hearth products now burn gas. Gas appliances, including fireplaces, log inserts and stoves have convenient optional features that allow you to have a beautiful fire at the touch of a switch, thermostat or even a remote control.

Read More Gas Vs. Wood Fireplaces

Unless you really enjoy snow-related activities, winter is pretty terrible. One of the small consolations to this seemingly endless season is the feeling of curling up in front of a nice fire on a cold winter's day. Most home fireplaces are either wood-fired or use natural gas, though there are some alternatives. Let's examine the pros and cons of each in a few important categories.

Read More Chimney Cleaners

If you often cozy up by your fireplace to relax it's important to have the chimney cleaned and inspected annually to ensure safety. A reputable chimney sweep will be able to clean and detect any dangerous problems within the chimney. Refer to these tips when hiring a chimney sweep.

Read More Charcoal Vs. Gas Grills

The flame war between charcoal grill purists and gas grill hotheads burns brighter than the debate between Mac and PC users. You should read some of the slop slung on the barbecue message boards. On second thought, don't. Let me try to sort it out for you with a few inflammatory thoughts.

Read More Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Fire Bowls

Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and fire bowls are hot this summer! According to Portland, Oregon-based Architect Risa Boyer Leritz, an outdoor fireplace or fire bowl is one of the top five ways to add style to your outdoor room. And whatever your style, from traditional to modern, there are beautiful and affordable options available.

Read More The Ultimate Trick To Cleaning A BBQ

A clean BBQ has several benefits: better tasting meals, a more sanitary cooking environment, a longer lasting grill grate and even helps you to create those highly sought after grill marks. However what is the simplest and most efficient method to get your outdoor grill clean? The key is choosing the right grill brush and utilizing it in the most efficient way.

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