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Renaissance Fireplaces in Monmouth County

Renaissance Rumford fireplaces are factory-assembled and ready for installation. Since these fireplaces are all considered zero clearance, they can be placed directly on a wood floor and pushed up against drywall. asdasd Installation happens over a matter days rather than the weeks required for brick and masonry fireplaces. Renaissance fireplaces produce a beautiful fire, and give off more heat with smaller wood loads.

Preventing Heat Loss

It is just as important to prevent heat loss as it is to heat your house. Renaissance fireplace doors seal tightly, in order to prevent warm air from escaping up your chimney. We also have an optional Chimney Top Damper, which completely seals off the chimney to prevent smells, air infiltration, and heat loss.

A Better Chimney System

We fabricated the Rumford throat from smooth low mass insulating refractory, promoting smoother air flow into the throat of the firebox and preventing cool room air from lowering combustion temperatures.

Utilizing low mass insulating refractory throughout the unit results in making the fires hotter, as well as lowering their emissions. Traditional firebrick is a durable option, but the downside is that it absorbs a large amount of heat, making it difficult to achieve the necessary high temperatures for clean combustion.

Insulation, insulation, insulation: this is the key factor to why Renaissance burns clean. The high temperature insulation is utilized, which not only to keeps the fire hot, but also to keeps the outside of the unit cool and safe to touch.

The guillotine door system on Renaissance fireplaces were designed to be the smoothest, easiest, and sturdiest operating fireplace door ever made. When the door is closed, the emission levels plummet to a level equivalent to an EPA certified stove.

The door is counterweighted perfectly so it you can raise and lower it with one finger. You can also stop the door at any point. The door lifts straight up and becomes hidden within the facade above the fireplace; however, you can also open the door horizontally on a hinge so it can be easily cleaned.

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