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Firepits UK in Monmouth County

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Center is proud to offer our Monmouth County customers high-quality fire pits from Firepits UK. Firepits UK offers hand-made products by skilled British craftsmen concentrating on robustness and quality. They have a complete line of accessories designed specifically for cooking over fire pits. Never cooked over a fire pit before? It's Easy! With a Firepits UK BBQ Rack you can effortlessly grill your favorite food on large cooking area while regulating the heat.

The fire pits from Firepits UK are made of steel. The majority of the fire pits and fire bowls are 3mm thick although some of the larger bowls are available in 5mm steel. In addition, a special oil is rubbed over each pit witch will eventually oxidize becoming a deep autumn color. Keep in mind that the steel is so thick this has no impact on the fire pits long term durability. These fire pits are built to last and can take a beating. The fire pits and bowls can be rubbed with a wire brush and then oiled over, however, it is perfectly OK to simply leave it outside and let it take its natural course.

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