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Rais Stoves in Monmouth County

"Art of Fire"

Imported from Denmark to New Jersey, The Wood Stove and Fireplace Center of Monmouth County has always been amazed by the quality and vision behind Rais' Stoves. From the very first line on the drawing board, Rais' ideas have centered around customers' dreams and daily life in their homes. They know that this demands continually visionary and innovative sources of heat that break with tradition and demonstrate unsurpassed design. Therefore, Rais has combined classic form with innovative, simple and sturdy features.

Rais offers exclusive and eye-catching solutions that cannot be found anywhere else. Linking the past and future, Rais' numerous years of experience hold the foundation on which how they design new solutions. With a Rais wood burning stove, you are guaranteed high quality through and through: design, choice of materials and manufacturing, specifications, heating economy and environmental efficiency.

RAIS sets new standards for how to heat your home. Our location in Monmouth County contains a wide selection of unique solutions designed and created in the Scandinavian design tradition, combining solid craftsmanship with new technology, innovative functionality and a timeless aesthetic.

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